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It's that time again. That time after Christmas but before January. The dreaded period where people seem to feel compelled to come up with New Year's resolutions. Which are generally a waste of time.
Why at New Years? Why aren't we trying to better ourselves all year long, a little bit at a time? Probably due to the fact that most people are incredibly lazy. "I will lose weight this year!" says the person on New Year's Eve, as they shove a snickers bar in their mouth while sitting on the couch. (Hey that rhymes :O) That demonstrates to me that they don't want to make the commitment. People always want the result without any effort
Maybe I'm being a hyppocrite in saying that. Actually, I most definetly am. One of my friends gave me a link to a site where you make your New Year's Resolution list. I was bored and it was cool, so I made some. Now, let's take a look at this list:

1.Learn Japanese - Heh, yeah right. I will never become fluent in Japanese. I know a little now, just from watching a lot of subtitled anime, and that will be the only way I will ever learn any, the effort required for me to find and take a class is too much. See I told you I was a hyppocrite.

2.Keep up my average in Biology - Okay this one's not that bad. I have a pretty good grade in that class, and at this point it's the only class I care about my grade in. So as long as I continue trying, this one should be doable.

3.Finnish my novel - Hopefully. It's somewhere around 17,500 words right now. How long is the average novel? I believe the average novel is somewhere between 50,000 and 110,000 with the 70,000 to 80,000 being prefered. So, if it's taken me about three months to write what should end up being somewhere between a fourth and a fifth of my story I may be able to finnish it by the end of next year. Or maybe it could be a novella which are usually 20,000 to 50,000 words. So this one is possible.

4.Have someone buy one of my products on zazzle - I really have no control over this, other than to continue to design stuff and hope someone likes it.

5.Love - Heh, being the hopeless romantic that I am this shouldn't be to hard to continue ;)

6.Be loved - Uh, maybe if I wasn't a total a**/idiot/b!tch to people... I'm sorry. :(

7.Kiss in the rain - Well, this requires #6, and is hence impossilbe

Now that my status as a hyppocrite as been decently verified... um, I'll make my final remarks. Do resolutions if you want to. Don't if you don't want to. But if you're going to do them, make them things you can actually do, not blind ideals that are completely unattainable. Like #6 and #7 for me :D

So... Happy New Years everybody! ^_^ And we all know the good part of new years isn't the resolutions, it's the staying up all night, and getting drunk enough that watching a ball drop is exciting ;)

Oh, and if anyone wants the list make I mentioned, here's the link.

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