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You are one of the few out there whose wings are
truly ANGELIC. Selfless, powerful, and
divine, you are one blessed with a certain
cosmic grace. You are unequalled in
peacefulness, love, and beauty. As a Being of
Light your wings are massive and a soft white
or silver. Countless feathers grace them and
radiate the light within you for all the world
to see. You are a defender, protector, and
caretaker. Comforter of the weak and forgiver
of the wrong, chances are you are taken
advantage of once in awhile, maybe quite often.
But your innocence and wisdom sees the good in
everyone and so this mistreatment does not make
you colder. Merciful to the extreme, you will
try to help misguided souls find themselves and
peace. However not all Angelics allow
themselves to be gotten the better of - the
Seraphim for example will be driven to fighting
for the sake of Justice and protection of those
less powerful. Congratulations - and don't ever
change - the world needs more people like you. Image Copyright Sheila Wolk (prints available
through - words added by

*~*~*Claim Your Wings - Pics and Long Answers*~*~*
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Your like an angel. You pocess love and bring love
to any thing or person. You love being
yourself. Even though your cute or not. I think
your just awesome. Like you are peace:)

What Type Of Girl Are You???(Amazing Pics)
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You are the mysterious night and all its sounds. No
one knows much about you or what and how you
think, unless they're really close. You prefer
the peace and solitude. You are quiet and don't
express many of your feelings. If you had the
ability to be invisible, you would love it, and
take advantage. You are more of a nocturnal
person and don't really like going out much,
but the thing about you is that you may know
how to have a good time. Hmm. Anyway, have a
Happy Halloween, Shadowy One.

What Halloween Figure Are You? (MANY RESULTS WITH SIX ALL NEW ONES!!)
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You are totally in love.You try to hide it but you
cant.You are nice and pretty in your own way
and you are a bit of a daydreamer.Have fun and
please rate my quiz.

Are you in love?
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